Finalist Feature: The Wolf’s Trail

Category: Adult Fiction

Description: The Wolf’s Trail tells of Zhi-shay’, an elder wolf, and a litter of young wolves living somewhere on the side of a hill overlooking the river that flows through Nagahchiwanong in northern Minnesota. Zhi-shay’, who knows the whole story of the parallel relationship between wolves and the Ojibwe going all the way back to the Beginning, sharing it with his nieces and nephews, and us. Replete with universal lessons, The Wolf’s Trail is the story of the Ojibwe, told by wolves, of what they were and have become, and the promise of their becoming.

Author: Thomas D. Peacock has authored or co-authored The Forever Story, Collected Wisdom, Ojibwe Waasa Inaabidaa: We Look in All Directions, The Good Path, The Seventh Generation, The Four Hills of Life, To Be Free, The Tao of Nookomis, Beginnings: The Homeward Journey of Donovan Manypenny, The Forever Sky, and The Dancers. Ojibwe and The Good Path were Minnesota Book Award winners. The Seventh Generation was multicultural children’s book of the year (American Association of Multicultural Education). He is a member of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Anishinaabe Ojibwe and lives with his wife Betsy in Little Sand Bay, Red Cliff, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota. For more information about wolves, the Ojibwe, and the relationship of wolves and the Ojibwe, please visit

Thomas’ Local Library: Duluth Public Library

Winners will be announced at the 2020 Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference.