Finalist Feature: Saint Paul Almanac

Category: Communities Create

Description: Saint Paul Almanac: Resistance and Resilience is an anthology filled with artwork, poems, history, essays, and more illuminating the experience of living in a diverse urban area.

“There are stories of grief, anger and injustice as well as stories of love, affirmation, and celebration. There are stories of resistance that inspire us to hope for a more just world. We also noticed a thread of profound resilience: the courage to take a risk, the ability to adapt, the determination to follow one’s dreams, and the spirit of working together. We hope that these stories, poems and artwork will be treasured as representative of the beauty of Saint Paul as well as where change, inclusion, and healing are still needed.”
—Wendy Brown-Baéz

Organization: Saint Paul Almanac was created in 2005 with the artistic goal of bringing the Saint Paul community together through the literary arts. The Saint Paul Almanac is a people’s meeting space for sharing the stories of the community through an annual book, public readings, and a community editor mentorship program.

Winners will be announced at the 2020 Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference.