Minnesota Libraries

MN Writes MN Reads is a project to bring all Minnesota libraries and residents resources to self-publish e-books, and access to collections of independently-published e-books by local authors.

MN Writes MN Reads is all about sharing and supporting local authors and our creative communities, as well as providing access to these resources and tools to everyone in Minnesota. Users can:

  • create books using Pressbooks software.
  • share their works for inclusion in the online Indie Minnesota collection and potential inclusion in the Indie Author Project Select collections of e-books.
  • read e-books by independently published local authors.

These services are freely available for Minnesota libraries and residents.

Support Local Authors

MN Writes MN Reads can be used to:

  • give local authors and creators an outlet to format and publish their books.
  • provide access to self-published materials by local authors.
  • support your library’s writing groups.
  • enhance your library’s programs and author events.
  • create shared reading and writing experiences.
  • enable open educational resource (OER) creation.

Support Teachers and Students

MN Writes MN Reads can be used to:

Marketing Materials

MN Writes MN Reads

Minnesota Author Project

I work at a library. What do I need to do?

Aspiring authors NEED YOU to help them apply.

Thank you for being part of this valuable, library-driven initiative. The Minnesota Author Project contests are open from April 1-May 31 annually.